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It’s ok to leave at 3

I read an article tonight about how some teachers are being called lazy for leaving as soon as they can after school lets out. My first reaction was, naturally, “Ha! How any lazy person could last even a day in

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It’s ok to be a douche

I found this gem online: I love this because it reminds me that students actually do appreciate when you’re a good teacher. They realize that you are doing your job when you hold high standards and are rigorous every day.

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Just my advice #1: How to get through weekly staff meetings

Eek! I got my first email to today asking for advice. Is it weird that it feels a bit like Christmas? So, apparently some people out there think my advice is worth asking for. Hopefully they’re not just as

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Challenge: Try not to laugh

There is absolutely no reason for this post except to share this with you: Before you hit play, take a few deep breaths. I challenge you not to laugh. Prepare to fail.

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