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Our students are growing up in a much different world than we did

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around this new fad of posting every picture you take to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Honestly, it seems a little too generous with details of your life, you know? I mean, at least prescreen

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It has all been an act

So, I have been trying to keep up appearances that I am a happy person in today’s broken world of education. Things aren’t as great as I have led you to believe. Politics are getting me down. Money is tight.

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A quick Spring Break to-do list

I got a laugh out of this one. Had to share. For those of you that have Spring Break this week, don’t forget to relax. For those of you that have a little while to plan yet…try your damnedest to NOT bring

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Teacher Tip #7: Make sure you test drive new stuff before doing them in class

We’ve all been there: Super psyched to try out something new in class–a new lab, an activity that has some promise, a demo that will be pretty sweet–and then you actually go to do it and…fail. It is so important

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