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Being a teacher on a road trip

Today I am on a day trip to see a show in a city about three hours away from where I live. As I’m sitting here (not driving, mind you… I have no desire to become roadkill) I can’t help

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I’m flattered

Something happened to me today that would have made many teachers out there angry, but I was actually rather flattered. My name was announced over the intercom this morning asking that I call the front office. When I called I

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Seeing setbacks as opportunities

Allow me to blow your mind for a minute: In the teaching profession, setbacks occur on a daily basis. Oh, hold on…that shouldn’t blow your mind. At all. The problem is that we tend to only notice the setbacks, and

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The simplest way to forget about a helicopter parent

We all let a needy, pushy parent (i.e. a helicopter parent) get us down from time to time. Although my only advice while dealing with them is to remain smiling and assure them that you share the same goal (maybe

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