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This category contains posts about the power and value of positivity. It is surprising sometimes just how much impact a positive person can have on their environment.

Students can smile too

I know I put up quite a front about how teachers are the important ones in the classroom, but I should pay homage to the reason we’re here: The students. Whether you say the word with joy or derision, the

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I’m flattered

Something happened to me today that would have made many teachers out there angry, but I was actually rather flattered. My name was announced over the intercom this morning asking that I call the front office. When I called I

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Seeing setbacks as opportunities

Allow me to blow your mind for a minute: In the teaching profession, setbacks occur on a daily basis. Oh, hold on…that shouldn’t blow your mind. At all. The problem is that we tend to only notice the setbacks, and

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Get out of here!

As the weather starts to turn for the better, I often think of ways to get my classes out of the classroom. I know, I know…how cliché. You mean we’re having class…outside?! But, I really think there is something to

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