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People don’t actually hate you

Sometimes you just have one of those days that it seems like everyone hates you. If given the chance, you think everyone would do this to you: It is really hard to remember sometimes that you are actually respected and,

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Warming up my vocal chords…

Today in class we are beginning our Midterm Exam review. Since I review with my kiddos for two days, we start with a fun day…singing! All. Day. You heard me right–I’m a complete masochist. Actually, it’s pretty cool. I made

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I was listening to some Pandora today, minding my own business, when suddenly a song came on in a foreign language. Spanish or something. No idea. But, I didn’t realize it was a different language for about half the duration

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The simplest way to forget about a helicopter parent

We all let a needy, pushy parent (i.e. a helicopter parent) get us down from time to time. Although my only advice while dealing with them is to remain smiling and assure them that you share the same goal (maybe

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