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Well…it has been great, guys, but I’m moving to Finland

Ok, not really. I like it here. But, guys. GUYS! This is real: So, basically, get your act together, United States! Do you think if I hashtag Obama he’ll see this? Worth a try. #obama #teachersareactuallyreallyimportant

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Get out of here!

As the weather starts to turn for the better, I often think of ways to get my classes out of the classroom. I know, I know…how cliché. You mean we’re having class…outside?! But, I really think there is something to

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It’s ok to be a douche

I found this gem online: I love this because it reminds me that students actually do appreciate when you’re a good teacher. They realize that you are doing your job when you hold high standards and are rigorous every day.

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Challenge: Try not to laugh

There is absolutely no reason for this post except to share this with you: Before you hit play, take a few deep breaths. I challenge you not to laugh. Prepare to fail.

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