The pitfalls of not reading before you post

If you have not yet seen the brilliant, yet simple April Fools joke NPR played on its ‘readers,’ you have to check it out.

As I read this article, I could not help but think of my students. How often do we squirm with frustration at the lack of attention paid to a set of instructions? How often do our students react too quickly to something they see on a page, just to write or type something way off base? I’m led to believe that we’re in the midst of a bit of crisis in our modern society. Have we sped up the pace of life too much that people aren’t even taking the time to ensure they are representing themselves in a positive light?

I will certainly be showing this article to my students sometime in the near future. I think it’s important to remind them that their words matter. Language matters. Reading matters.


I have a unique perspective on teaching. As a young guy, I still have that “world is my oyster” perspective on life, so I am more than willing to try new things in the pursuit of happiness. I have always been a naturally happy person and don’t shy away from trying to make others see that it’s easy to be happy! Thus, the blog you’re reading. The main impetus for actually putting all the work in to getting this blog up and running? A coworker stopped me in the hall one day and actually reprimanded me for being so smiley all the time. They actually said that I shouldn’t be so happy as a teacher! My response? Screw that! I SHOULD be happy. I now smile at that coworker EVERY time I see them…and usually say something like, “Isn’t this such great day to be a teacher?!” They don’t usually smile back… Don’t be like them.

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