Our students are growing up in a much different world than we did

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around this new fad of posting every picture you take to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Honestly, it seems a little too generous with details of your life, you know? I mean, at least prescreen your pictures, please. Your face in that one looks awful. I’m really not trying to be mean, I’m just being honest.

This whole phenomenon has led me to think a bit about the world our students are growing up in. One thing I have noticed is that my students do not have any real concept of privacy. Everything in their lives is (voluntarily) broadcast to everyone else. Of course, this comes with drama. So. Much. Drama. But, in a way, it’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?

I mean, look at it this way: What if we lived in a world that was built on the principle that honesty is the best policy? What if we could feel comfortable giving strangers compliments without them thinking we’re weird? In case you were wondering, anytime a guy compliments a girl it is mistaken as flirting. I always want to say something along the lines of, “Girl, just because I think your hair looks nice doesn’t mean I want to talk to you anymore.” Please.

In a way, our students’ habit of posting everything is leading us to a world like this. Wouldn’t it be surreal to be able to tap into someone else’s consciousness and experience what they are? I think we’re on the way there.

Huh. Makes you think.

As a (related) side note, I read a book ages ago about such an idea. It was actually pretty good:


Of course, if we do end up living in a world like this, I hope it comes with decent privacy settings. I don’t necessarily need everyone to know that I browse Game of Thrones memes for about an hour a day.


I have a unique perspective on teaching. As a young guy, I still have that “world is my oyster” perspective on life, so I am more than willing to try new things in the pursuit of happiness. I have always been a naturally happy person and don’t shy away from trying to make others see that it’s easy to be happy! Thus, the blog you’re reading. The main impetus for actually putting all the work in to getting this blog up and running? A coworker stopped me in the hall one day and actually reprimanded me for being so smiley all the time. They actually said that I shouldn’t be so happy as a teacher! My response? Screw that! I SHOULD be happy. I now smile at that coworker EVERY time I see them…and usually say something like, “Isn’t this such great day to be a teacher?!” They don’t usually smile back… Don’t be like them.

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