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I’m part of the problem. Or, am I a product of it?

I just finished up some much-procrastinated grading. I’m happy to say that I knocked out a test, two labs, a worksheet, a short story, an online collaboration project (on Lino, a fantastic site), and LOTS of late work. All for

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Teacher Tip #5: Never set a precedent

In my opinion, one of the most important parts of being a teacher–or a role model for your students, for that matter–is being consistent. You need to be consistent with your expectations, with your grading, and with your attitude in

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How to not take your work home with you

Ahhhh…. It’s my favorite time of the day. Late afternoon after a hard day’s work. My students are on the right track. We worked our butts off today learning about the something-or-other and I couldn’t be happier about my day.

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