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Help! I’m an unhappy person!

Not me! How DARE you think I was talking about myself! Ok, here’s the deal. I’ll admit it. I’m unhappy sometimes. I really try (and I mean really REALLY try) to remain positive, but sometimes our brain just doesn’t want

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Don’t be mean. Ever.

I know this one sounds like a tall order. That’s probably because it is a tall order. We all have days that we just don’t want to be nice. The world isn’t being nice to us that day, so why

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Teacher Tip #3: A Saturday-Approved way to get ready for next semester

Saturday is meant for pure, unbridled laziness. Do NOT deviate from this, people! But, since a new semester is quickly approaching, I suppose I might as well do something to prepare for it. My suggestion is this: Draft an intro

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Be the non-negative one

Let me paint you a picture. You’re in the teacher’s lounge. Or workroom. Or front office. Wherever. You’re talking with your colleagues about the goings-on in school that day. Each teacher is taking a turn recounting the day’s events in

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